Departmental Bulletin Paper キャリア教育科目「自己開拓」の教育効果 - 2016年度の授業について -

佐藤, 友美||サトウ, トモミ||Sato, Tomomi  ,  杉本, 英晴||スギモト, ヒデハル||Sugimoto, Hideharu  ,  寺澤, 朝子||テラザワ, アサコ||Terazawa, Asako

17pp.99 - 111 , 2017-12-20 , 中部大学大学教育研究センター
This study examined the effects of “Self motivational development< in career education. Comparison between students who attended the class and who did not, revealed that the class had a beneficial effect on general skill for productive college life, such as self-esteem and communication skills. However, the students who did not attend the class increased career consciousness such as self-efficacy on career decision and career adaptability, as much as the students who attended the class. This study also found out that more improvement of the general skills and the career consciousness was seen in short-term intensive class than in long term distributed class. In addition, the students who could specify what they have learned from the course showed good improvement of the general skills and the career consciousness. From these results, this study made several suggestions on how to provide more effective career education in “ Self motivational development.<

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