Departmental Bulletin Paper 専任教員によるキャリア教育科目「自己開拓」実施の長期的教育効果 - キャリア教育を専門とする教員と専門としない教員の比較から -

杉本, 英晴||スギモト, ヒデハル||Sugimoto, Hideharu  ,  佐藤, 友美||サトウ, トモミ||Sato, Tomomi  ,  寺澤, 朝子||テラザワ, アサコ||Terazawa, Asako

17pp.91 - 98 , 2017-12-20 , 中部大学大学教育研究センター
This study investigated the long-term effects of “Self motivational development< in career education by career education non-expert career teachers. The result revealed that students who attended “Self motivational development< class participated career guidance for 3rd graders by career support division more than who did not attend the class. In addition, the students who attended the class took career selection behavior more actively than who did not attend the class. Moreover, the students in the non-expert teachers' class showed high in participation rates of the career guidance and the active career selection behavior as the students in the expert teachers' class. However, the rate of career decision at the time of graduation was low in the students in non-expert teachers' class as in the students in expert teachers' class. This result might be affected by the highly professional contents of “Self motivational development< and the difficulty of teaching method in active learning. These results suggest that teachers should be trained well before facilitating in “Self motivational development< class.

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