Departmental Bulletin Paper 親子ボランティアの参加を取り入れた公衆衛生看護学演習プログラムの展開

宮武, 真生子||ミヤタケ, マキコ||Miyatake, Makiko  ,  白石, 知子||シライシ, トモコ||Shiraishi, Tomoko  ,  北野, 淑恵||キタノ, ヨシエ||Kitano, Yoshie

17pp.77 - 81 , 2017-12-20 , 中部大学大学教育研究センター
Here we present a maternal and child health education program with parent-child volunteers as part of our Practice in Public Health Nursing Activities in our university's course on Public Health Nursing education. The goal of the program was to enhance students to gain a visual knowledge of the growth and development of a child, understand the feelings of a mother enrolled in parenting and the living conditions of a family with infants and young children by actually interacting with the parent-child volunteers. Students were divided into groups of 3-4 members in advance and were assigned to design a “play schedule for the child< that would encourage developmental growth and “interview questions for the mother< as a maternal and child health professional. On the day of the interview, each group was given a chance to meet 2 parent-child volunteers and carry on the play schedules and interviews. In this “Parent-Child volunteer participation program,< environmental preparation was necessary for the safety of a child, and the students were able to gain successful experience through satisfaction of the volunteers. We plan to implement multilateral evaluation in order to further assess the effects and problems of the program.

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