Departmental Bulletin Paper 平成28年度の全学英語教育に関する報告

大門, 正幸||オオカド, マサユキ||Ohkado, Masayuki  ,  今村, 洋美||イマムラ, ヒロミ||Imamura, Hiromi  ,  加藤, 由崇||カトウ, ヨシタカ||Kato, Yoshitaka  ,  西村, 智||ニシムラ, サトシ||Nishimura, Satoshi  ,  野田, 恵剛||ノダ, ケイゴウ||Noda, Keigo  ,  和田, 珠実||ワダ, タマミ||Wada, Tamami

17pp.35 - 44 , 2017-12-20 , 中部大学大学教育研究センター
When comprehensive curriculum revision was made in 2011 for General Education in Chubu University, the division of English Education established a new educational policy and has been providing education based on it. Also, since the introduction of the new educational system, the division has reported in this journal its content, results as measured by the tests conducted in class, and problems arising from the new system. This paper reports the results and their analyses of the achievement test conducted at the end of each term, the freshman test students take when they entered the university, and the proficiency test which is comparable to the freshman test and is conducted in late November or early December. The relationship between attendance rates and academic grades is also analyzed and it is shown that the major reason for students' failure in the class is their low attendance rates.

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