Departmental Bulletin Paper 領土及び海洋紛争事件(ニカラグア対コロンビア) - 判決と日本へのインプリケーション -

加々美, 康彦||カガミ, ヤスヒコ||Kagami, Yasuhiko

11pp.7 - 36 , 2016-04 , 中部大学国際関係学部
On 19 November 2012, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) finally delivered its judgment in the long-standing territorial and maritime delimitation dispute in the Caribbean Sea between Nicaragua and Colombia. This paper reviews the judgment in detail, as well as the responses to it by both parties, and assesses their implications for Japan. In particular, both this delimitation between a continental state and an island state with opposite coasts located on the same continental shelf as well as the international legal status of micro-sized insular features are examined in light of Japanese standpoints and practices. With regard to the delimitation issue, the judgment offered a certain degree of predictability for the method of delimitation (which the Japanese government prefers), but the predictability did not extend to the result of delimitation. Regarding the matter of islands, the ICJ's interpretation conflicts with the Japanese standpoint.

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