Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育者・教員養成にむけたリーダー研修の成果と課題 - 学生ボランティアにおける協働を促す支援方法の検討 -

三品, 陽平||ミシナ, ヨウヘイ||Mishina, Yohei  ,  釆睪, 真澄||ワケビキ, マスミ||Wakebiki, Masumi  ,  花井, 忠征||ハナイ, タダユキ||Hanai, Tadayuki

9pp.1 - 11 , 2015-10 , 中部大学現代教育学研究所
Students' volunteers in childcare training schools and teacher training schools are very important place for learning collaboration. To support this place, this research examines and exercises the method of the training program for students' leaders. Through the exercise, achievements and issues of the program are clarified. The subject of the research are <Atsumare-Wanpaku-Tai< that consists of Chubu University Students. The program is the study trip for 3 days, and is constructed by reflective practicum. Reflective practicum is structured by the cycle of practice and reflection. As the result of the program, students' leaders changed their behaviors in their groups. For example, some leaders prepared for the environment of collaborative dialogue. Some leaders tried to listen voices of minorities. On the other hand, some issues are found. First, this program is not enough to support leaders. Support for leaders has to be continued after the program. Second, the communication in the program has to be metalogue but it is very difficult for coaches.

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