Departmental Bulletin Paper 過去生退行催眠療法による症状軽減効果と類似した特徴を示す自然発生再生型事例

大門, 正幸||オオカド, マサユキ||Ohkado, Masayuki

2pp.9 - 21 , 2016-03 , 中部大学全学共通教育部
<Past-life< memories are of two types: Memories recalled in past-life hypnotic regression therapy, in which subjects are usually adults, and memories possessed by subjects, usually children, in spontaneous cases which are called cases of the reincarnation type (CORTS) in the literature. One of the important differences between these two types of memories is the status of phobias and other anxieties related to the memories: In the former these problematic symptoms tend to be alleviated by recalling past-life memories whereas in the latter they go hand in hand with past-life memories from the beginning. These differences might suggest differences between these two types of memories in origin. In this article, I would like to report a <mixed< case, in which phobias and other anxieties apparently related to past-life memories of a case of the reincarnation type were alleviated by the subject's talking about them with her mother.

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