Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育所年長児のKSDにおける人物像の特徴

武藤, 久枝||ムトウ, ヒサエ||Matsuo-Muto, Hisae  ,  加藤, 孝正||カトウ, タカマサ||Kato, Takamasa

8pp.29 - 37 , 2016-03 , 中部大学現代教育学部
本研究の目的は、幼児期の動的学校画(Kinetic School Drawings, KSD)の人物像の特徴に関する実証的知見を得ることである。保育所年長児555名に対して集団でKSDを実施した。そのうち、本人、先生、友達の3者が描かれた136名のKSDについて、1)一番大きい人物像、2)自己像の位置、3)高い位置の人物像、4)自己像に最も近い人物像、5)描画水準を分析した。その結果、1)一番大きい人物像では先生像を描く割合が約半数を占め、2)自己像の位置では約8割が紙面の中央部以外に小さく描き、3)紙面の高い位置に描かれたのは先生像と友達像がそれぞれ約4割であり、4)自己像の最も近くに描かれたのは約7割が友達像であり、5)活動内容を読み取れる段階の描画水準は約2割にとどまった。性差は認められなかった。
The purpose of this study was to clarify the characteristics of KSD by 6-year-old nursery school children. The KSD was carried out for 555 6-year-old children at nursery school in 2012-13. Three indices were used for the assessment of KSD: 1) Size of drawing person-figures (self, friends, teacher), 2) Location of drawing figures in paper, and 3) KSD drawing level. One hundred thirty-six KSD (66 boys, 70 girls) were analyzed, and incomplete drawings. The results were as follows: 1) The mean age of children was 74.5 months. 2) The drawing teacher- figures were largest in 70 children (51.5%). 3) The drawing friend-figures were located near the self-figures in 100 children (73.5%). 4) KSD were divided into 2 classes. It was impossible to interpret actions from drawings in 78.7% of the KSD. The 6-year-old children drew friend-figures near self-figures, and drew teacher-figures largest.

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