Departmental Bulletin Paper 亜炭廃坑による地下空洞の特定化と風化に関する研究

杉井, 俊夫||スギイ, トシオ||Sugii, Toshio  ,  余川, 弘至||ヨカワ, ヒロシ||Yokawa, Hiroshi  ,  浅野, 憲雄||アサノ, ノリオ||Asano, Norio  ,  上野, 剛||ウエノ, ゴウ||Ueno, Goh

28pp.30 - 39 , 2016-03 , 中部大学総合工学研究所
The underground cavity deterioration that there was made by digging of the lignite under the ground causes the cave-in of the ground surface, and the slant of the structure. This paper considers that we can identify location of underground cavity from the distribution of the Bouguer anomaly of the wide area. However, the Bouguer anomaly is affected by the thickness of the high-density stratum, therefore, authors suggest the technique that removed influence of the stratum thickness by using a simple trend of the Bouguer anomaly. In additional, a strength examination of the dryness and moisture repetition is performed to evaluate a strength drop caused by the hollow weathering of the brown coal. At the same time, ignition loss test is performed, and modification loading strength in consideration of the difference of the different sample suggested. As a result, there were few strength drops if an unsaturated state was kept, but it was elucidated that strength suddenly decreased when underwater state or saturated state curing reached the drying.

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