Departmental Bulletin Paper 太陽観測システムの開発

大嶋, 晃敏||オオシマ, アキトシ||Oshima, Akitoshi

28pp.8 - 12 , 2016-03 , 中部大学総合工学研究所
We have developed a prototype solar telescope system successfully and performed the first observation of the sun capturing beautiful images of the sun's surface. The system contains three kinds of solar telescopes with different instrumental feature. The main telescope is refraction telescope with a diameter of 15 cm and with a focal length of 1,100 mm that enables us to observe detail structures of the solar photosphere with white light. The other two telescopes are H-alpha telescope and CaK telescope both of which are also refraction telescopes with a focal length of 500 mm. These telescopes cover the whole area of the sun. Utilizing these three telescopes with different wavelength and different area coverage on the sun's surface, we shall perform a variety of scientific observation in near future.

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