Departmental Bulletin Paper 還元されたポリモリブデン酸イオンの安定性とポリモリブデン酸イオンによるアデノシンモノリン酸(AMP)分解反応に関する研究

石川, 英里||イシカワ, エリ||Ishikawa, Eri

28pp.1 - 7 , 2016-03 , 中部大学総合工学研究所
The photoreduction process of [(HAMP)2Mo5O15]2- ({(AMP)2Mo5}) in aqueous solution is investigated by measurement of 31P NMR spectra of photolytes. UV irradiation led to the liberation of AMP from {(AMP)2Mo5} accompanying the reduction of molybdates and AMP hydrolysis proceeded catalytically to yield phosphate ion and the two-electron reduced species α-[PMo12O40]5- (α-PMo12(II)). The formation of α-PMo12(II) resulted from the reaction between phosphate ion and reduced molybdates, which originated from the decomposition of {(AMP)2Mo5}. Further photoreduction in this system proceeded to yield the four reduced species β-[H4PMo12O40]3- (β-PMo12(IV)). Based on these results, the photochemical degradation process of {(AMP)2Mo5} through the formation of two electron reduced [Mo14O46]10- (Mo14(II)) and disproportionation of Mo14(II) is proposed.

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