Departmental Bulletin Paper 建築構造物の地震被害予測に関する実地調査研究・XIV - 津島市を対象とした調査 -

勅使川原, 誠司 ||テシガワラ, セイジ||Teshigawara, Seiji

51pp.53 - 56 , 2016-03 , 中部大学工学部
This study describes a fieldwork investigation into predicting seismic damage to buildings in Tsushima city, Aichi Prefecture. The result of this research was analyzed in the same manner as described in the last report. Six earthquake estimations-Tokai, Tonankai, Nobi, Gifu-Ichinomiya, Sanage and Adera-were carried out and the damage prediction figures were shown. In the present paper we also examined the seismic damage of the great earthquake that exceeded magnitude 8.7. From this prediction result, it was proved that the Nobi earthquake brought about greater damage than other earthquakes, because the hypocentral distance was the shortest. Similaly, it was proven that the Tonankai earthquake, where Irago Sea was the hypocenter, caused the equivalent damage.

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