Departmental Bulletin Paper レーザ光ピンセット

葛谷, 幹夫||クズヤ, ミキオ||Kuzuya, Mikio

51pp.42 - 52 , 2016-03 , 中部大学工学部
This paper describes a laser optical tweezers (LOT) system, which was constructed by combining a diode laser with an optical microscope equipped with a long working distance objective lens. The system incorporates motor-driven beam steering optics which allows for positioning the trapping spot with micrometer resolution. The LOT system was applied to the manipulation of several particles, such as a polystyrene particle, a ceramic particle, a yeast cell. etc. The optical trapping forces and the optical rotation torque of the system were determined by the viscous drag forces and torque calculated using Stokes' law. The experimental results showed that trapping forces linearly increased with the laser power, and the forces generated were of the order of piconewtons (pN) when the laser power was about 10 mW. The rotation torque also linearly increased with the laser power and the observed increase in torque with power was approximately 10-19 Nm per mW. The values of the trapping forces and torque were compared to the momentum and angular momentum of the laser beam. It was shown that the LOT system developed here can be used in the manipulation of red blood cells and the rotation of a micro gear of 1μg in weight.

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