Departmental Bulletin Paper 京都市貴船の川床の実測研究

星野, 剛徳||ホシノ, タケノリ||Hoshino, Takenori  ,  早川, 紀朱||ハヤカワ, ノリアキ||Hayakawa, Noriaki

51pp.38 - 41 , 2016-03 , 中部大学工学部
Kawadoko Platforms in Kyoto City are raised, terrace-style outdoor dining platforms set over the Kifune River next to Japanese restaurants. Kawadoko Platforms are temporary constructions, and are thus built and removed every day. Since these platforms are set both close to the riverside and the surface of the river, they have a remarkable nature-oriented approach. However, because of their impermanence, Kawadoko Platforms have, to date, not been regarded as research objects in academia; thus, there are no drawings showing detailed information on their construction. This paper presents a design survey of Kawadoko Platforms over the Kifune River and describes the physical/spatial relationship among the platforms and natural elements such as trees, rocks and waterfalls.

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