Departmental Bulletin Paper 名古屋市の銭湯建築の類型学的研究

小栗, 涼||オグリ, リョウ||Oguri, Ryo  ,  早川, 紀朱||ハヤカワ, ノリアキ||Hayakawa, Noriaki

51pp.32 - 37 , 2016-03 , 中部大学工学部
This study aims to clarify typology of planning and amenities of so called “sento< (Japanese public bath facilities) buildings in Nagoya City. Though the number of sento-buildings is decreasing in Japan, sento remains an important facility for attractive life in Japanese cities in the context of urban regeneration. Through the field survey on the sento-buildings, we found the following. 1) Traditional “bandai style< sento-buildings with a single front desk and segregated approaches by gender are decreasing, while those with a single front lobby and a single approach used by both men and women are increasing. 2) Sento-buildings are losing their symmetry of planning and approach, which are inherent in “bandai style< sento-buildings, while improving amenities with an emphasis on entertainment

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