Departmental Bulletin Paper 省エネルギーかつ快適性と知的生産性を保持可能にする空調方法に関する研究 - 空調オフ時の検討 -

横江, 彩||ヨコエ, アヤ||Yokoe, Aya

51pp.19 - 25 , 2016-03 , 中部大学工学部
Experiments were carried out where subjects, after performing light exercise, stayed in rooms under two separate conditions with different air temperatures. Results showed subjects didn't report thermal discomfort in the 28℃ setting and maintained a comfortable mean skin temperature above 34℃. The time subjects maintained thermal comfort after turning off the air-conditioning system was investigated, and results demonstrated that after ten minutes mean skin temperatures rise and thermal discomfort is experienced. In consideration of reducing energy consumption, turning off the air-conditioning system ten minutes before the end of class is recommended. It was found that doing so saves 30% on energy compared to continuous operation.

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