Departmental Bulletin Paper 高等教育機関における新しい「専門職」 : 政策・市場・職能の観点から
New Types of Specialists in Higher Education : From the Viewpoint of Policy, Market and Occupational Ability

二宮, 祐  ,  小島, 佐恵子  ,  児島, 功和  ,  小山, 治  ,  濱嶋, 幸司

14pp.1 - 20 , 2017-03-31 , 徳島大学
The current higher education reforms in Japan have created a demand for new types of specialists who have had important roles in most universities since around 2000. This article focuses on Faculty Developers, Career Consultants, Institutional Researchers, University Research Administrators and Technology Licensing Managers among such new types of university-related jobs. Due to the lack of formal education systems to become one of these professionals, most of the candidates do not have enough knowledge and skills, and tend to come from related academic or business areas. When they are hired by universities, funds for their employment often come from government money budgeted for a time-limited and specific educational reform project. As a result, they tend to be hired for only a limited period of time, and/or their position and wage levels are usually lower than more traditional professions in universities.

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