Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生の学修意欲と農業高校生の学習意欲の研究 : A大学のK農業高等学校との高大連携プログラム「K農業高校&A大学プログラム」の事例
A Study on High School and Undergraduate Students’ Learning Motivation : A Case of Joint Management of the Educational Relationship between K Agricultural High School and A University for the “K Agricultural High School & A University Program"

楠奥, 繁則  ,  藤原, なつみ  ,  吉川, 直樹  ,  海崎, 彩  ,  松原, 豊彦

13pp.63 - 73 , 2016-03-31 , 徳島大学
This paper introduces the joint management of an educational relationship between K Agricultural High School and A University, and reports the program's effects to increase students' motivation for learning at both schools. In the program, first, the high school students presented the results of their project based learning, and the university students and university instructor gave comments. Next, the high school students received a lecture from the university instructor and a research report from the university student. Finally, the high school students, university students, and instructors attended a social gathering. An analysis of responses to the study questionnaire suggests that students’ motivation for learning increased at both schools, except the university students who have high motivation originally.

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