Journal Article 形態学的観点から見た生体調節物質の働き
Functional analysis of biological regulators from a morphological viewpoint
ケイタイガクテキ カンテン カラ ミタ セイタイ チョウセツ ブッシツ ノ ハタラキ

鶴尾, 吉宏

73 ( 1-2 )  , pp.37 - 46 , 2017-04-25 , 徳島医学会
My initial research was focused on the nervous system and endocrine organs, and analyzed the neuroendocrinological mechanism of regulating biological systems by investigating the locations and functions of neurotransmitters and steroid-metabolizing enzymes using mainly morphological techniques. Research areas spread over several related fields including neural development, stress reaction, bone metabolism and anomalies of human anatomy. Based on a morphological viewpoint, my future research should be advanced to revise conventional ideas or to make novel discoveries.

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