Journal Article Essential role of CCL21 in establishment of central selftolerance in T cells

Kozai, Mina  ,  Kubo, Yuki  ,  Katakai, Tomoya  ,  Kondo, Hiroyuki  ,  Kiyonari, Hiroshi  ,  Schaeuble, Karin  ,  Luther, Sanjiv A.  ,  Ishimaru, Naozumi  ,  Ohigashi, Izumi  ,  Takahama, Yousuke

p.jem.20161864 , 2017-06-13
The chemokine receptor CCR7 directs T cell relocation into and within lymphoid organs, including the migration of developing thymocytes into the thymic medulla. However, how three functional CCR7 ligands in mouse, CCL19, CCL21Ser, and CCL21Leu, divide their roles in immune organs is unclear. By producing mice specifically deficient in CCL21Ser, we show that CCL21Ser is essential for the accumulation of positively selected thymocytes in the thymic medulla. CCL21Ser-deficient mice were impaired in the medullary deletion of self-reactive thymocytes and developed autoimmune dacryoadenitis. T cell accumulation in the lymph nodes was also defective. These results indicate a nonredundant role of CCL21Ser in the establishment of selftolerance in T cells in the thymic medulla, and reveal a functional inequality among CCR7 ligands in vivo.

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