Journal Article Trastuzumab/Capecitabine/Cisplatin (HXP) 療法による2次治療が有効であった進行胃癌の1例
A case of the advanced gastric cancer of which second line chemotherapy using Trastuzumab/Capecitabine/Cisplatin therapy was effective
Trastuzumab/Capecitabine/Cisplatin HXP リョウホウ ニヨル 2ジ チリョウ ガ ユウコウ デアッタ シンコウ イガン ノ 1レイ

湯浅, 康弘  ,  沖津, 宏  ,  後藤, 正和  ,  枝川, 広志  ,  森, 理  ,  谷, 亮太朗  ,  蔵本, 俊輔  ,  松本, 大資  ,  富林, 敦司

71 ( 1-2 )  , pp.29 - 34 , 2015-04-25 , 徳島医学会
The case was a 69-year-old man, and gastric cancer (papillary adenocarcinoma) was diagnosed by a close inspection of the abdominal pain in 2008, and it was our department introduction. Show the type 0‐IIa+IIc like advanced lesion of gastric middle body gastrointestinal endoscope, and CT showed no regional lymph node and distant metastases, and we diagnosed it as c-T2 (MP), N0, M0, stageIB. We performed laparoscopic distal gastrectomy with D2 dissection, and in pathology, acknowledgment of severe lymph node metastases was obtained, and diagnosed it as T3 (SE), N2, M0, stageIIIB. We gave adjuvant chemotherapy with S-1and Cisplatin for 5 cycles, and maintenance S-1alone up to 24 months after surgery.There was no recurrence for 39 months after surgery. But multiple metastases to lung recurrence was acknowledged and we performed S-1/Docetaxel therapy for 6 cycles, which lead to progressive disease. Then we performed Trastuzumab/Capecitabine/Cisplatin chemotherapy (HXP), the anti-tumor effect was good, and after 14 months later, showed a liver metastasis, but the tolerability was good. Generally, it is said that the chemotherapy is poor at an effect after the second line treatment, but HXP may be useful even in the second line chemotherapy.

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