Journal Article 四国地方における精神科病院の新卒看護師採用に関する実態
Employment of Newly Graduated Nurses by Psychiatric Hospitals in Shikoku region
シコク チホウ ニオケル セイシンカ ビョウイン ノ シンソツ カンゴシ サイヨウ ニ カンスル ジッタイ

片岡, 睦子  ,  宮川, 操  ,  桑村, 由美  ,  安原, 由子  ,  谷岡, 哲也  ,  三船, 和史

71 ( 1-2 )  , pp.23 - 28 , 2015-04-25 , 徳島医学会
It is important for psychiatric hospitals (PHs) to have experienced nurses who are interested in nursing patients with psychiatric/mental health problems. Recruitment of newly graduated nurses who share a passion for patients with these conditions is critical to both the profession and to the nurses. In doing so, it is critical that these nurses are nurtured and valued, who can show a high level of practical nursing ability. However, at present, it is difficult to employ experienced psychiatric nurses especially those newly graduated nurses. Therefore, an inquiry survey was conducted to determine the situation and condition concerning the employment of newly graduated nurses by PHs in Shikoku region. Participants were nurse administrators of PHs, institutions that are concerned with the psychiatric patient care within the Shikoku Region. There are 62 PHs that are members of the Japanese Psychiatric Hospitals Association in the Shikoku region. Administrators of 61 of these hospitals were provided with the survey forms, however, only 58 survey forms were returned. Results of the survey showed that twenty-four PHs (41.4%) have not hired any new nurses for more than several years now, and forty-six PHs (79.3%) have not hired any new nurses in 2014. The PHs that hired the most new nurses hired only one to two nurses. Regarding the employment of newly graduated nurses, findings revealed that nursing administrators wanted nurses to feel attracted to psychiatric nursing and that they wanted to nurture and retain them. However, they also believed that they were not positioned to accept newly graduated nurses and that they could only accept experienced nurses. Since it is believed that the present conditions, where hiring newly graduated nurses is difficult, will continue in the future, further efforts will be required to secure jobs for new nurses.

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