Journal Article 納得できる美しい写真を撮るためには?
How to Get Beautiful Photographs to be Published
ナットク デキル ウツクシイ シャシン オ トル タメ ニワ

羽地, 達次

28 ( 2 )  , pp.71 - 76 , 2016-02-29 , 四国歯学会
In the recent years, scientific articles are required to include the photograms of cells or tissues in addition to the figures of gels or PCR products. However, inappropriate or poor photographs are often seen even in the top journals. In this review article, I demonstrate how to get the beautiful pictures or photographs presented in the journals. I present the pictures of autoradiography of phosphorylated proteins. The results of Western analysis show that PP1δ localized in the nucleolar regions in human and mouse cells. Nucleolar localization is easily recognized in the pictures of dual staining with anti-PP1δ antibody and anti-C23 antibody and immunoprecipitation with Western analysis. Identification of cells that synthesize and secrete special proteins is presented by the cultured cells from testis. Histochemical identification of Avidin-interacting proteins localized in mitochondria is presented in the cells stained with Mito Tracker and FITC-Avidin. My recommendation about how to get beautiful pictures presented in the top journals is described in the present review article.

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