Journal Article グラスファイバーで補強された高強度コンポジットレジンを用いた 3ユニットブリッジ治療について
Glass-fiber Reinforced 3-unit Metal-less Bridge: Short-term Preliminary Results
グラス ファイバー デ ホキョウ サレタ コウキョウド コンポジット レジン オ モチイタ 3 ユニット ブリッジ チリョウ ニツイテ

友竹, 偉則  ,  田島, 登誉子  ,  内藤, 禎人  ,  清水, 裕次  ,  山田, 幸夫  ,  石田, 雄一  ,  市川, 哲雄

28 ( 2 )  , pp.55 - 62 , 2016-02-29 , 四国歯学会
Mechanical strength to withstand occlusal force is required to the crown restorations of molars. Ag-Pd-Au alloy has been used as the acceptable material of the National Health Insurance system in Japan. However, the metallic color of prosthesis does not meet the aesthetic requirements of the patients, and there is also a problem to the provider side of the treatment that the price fluctuation is large by soaring material costs. A fiber reinforced metal-less bridge is proposed to resolve these problems and we began clinical application of this prosthetic treatment from September, 2012 on the approval of Tokushima University Hospital ethics committee. So far, six patients have been treated with 8 fiber reinforced bridges, and this treatment in Tokushima University Hospital was approved in Shikoku Regional Bureau of Health and Welfare as the advanced medical. We have followed the treatment for a maximum of more than two years, and it has been passed successfully with patient's satisfaction. Slightly problems which were caused in the hybrid resin material, could be easily solved by the direct procedures. This clinical results in short term suggested that the fiber reinforced metalless bridge have a sufficiently high therapeutic effect as a prosthetic method.

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