Journal Article 無歯顎補綴における咬合平面設定に関する文献考察
Literature Review of Setting the Occlusal Plane for Edentulous Patients
ムシガク ホテツ ニオケル コウゴウ ヘイメン セッテイ ニカンスル ブンケン コウサツ

松田, 岳  ,  後藤, 崇晴  ,  柏原, 稔也  ,  市川, 哲雄

28 ( 1 )  , pp.13 - 19 , 2015-07-10 , 四国歯学会
The maxillomandibular registration is one of important processes to achieve patientsatisfaction with the function and esthetics for complete denture fabrication. Over the years, clinical decision of vertical and horizontal jaw relationship has been mainly discussed in the maxillomandibular registration. With regard to the occlusal plane setting, many clinicians have believed to decide the occlusal plane parallel to Camper's plane, however there is little information on the effect of occlusal plane setting on clinical meanings and outcome. The aim of this study is to analyze published literature focusing on the occlusal plane and the related oral function and esthetics, and to clarify clinical implications of occlusal plane setting. Two databases, “PubMed” and “Japana Centra Revuo Medicina” were searched to retrieve research papers focusing on the occlusal plane.Seventy four papers were selected from the database, and they were reviewed.Literature reviews suggests that many landmarks were described on the occlusal plane setting for edentulous patients; and Camper's plane has been most frequently referred, showed a good result in function, but not always good in esthetics. The influence of occlusal plane setting on clinical results: oral function, esthetics, denture stability, and patient satisfaction after denture delivery has to be examined.

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