Departmental Bulletin Paper 機能的・非機能的自己注目の持続と不安・抑うつの関連
Relationship between duration of functional/dysfunctional self-focused attention and anxiety/depression.
キノウテキ ヒキノウテキ ジコ チュウモク ノ ジゾク ト フアン ヨクウツ ノ カンレン

谷口, 早紀  ,  宮本, 真衣  ,  溝口, 暁子  ,  境, 泉洋

6pp.1 - 10 , 2016-12
The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships among functional and dysfunctional self-focused attention, namely, self-reflection and rumination, and anxiety and depression. A survey was administered to 226 undergraduate students on self-rumination, self-reflection, self-focused attention, anxiety, and depression. The analysis showed that partial correlation between self-rumination and anxiety was significant while controlling for depression, same as self-focused attention and anxiety. Regression analysis revealed that self-focused attention predicted anxiety and depression. Results of this study showed that self-focused attention had a stronger association with anxiety. This study suggested that self-focused attention influences mental health regardless of motives, such as self-rumination and self-reflection. Future analysis needs to examine interventions in characteristics of self-focused attention.

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