Departmental Bulletin Paper Rethinking the Role of Journalism in the International Society : Basic Outline and Theoretical Framework
国際社会におけるジャーナリズムの役割の再考 : 基本的な概要と理論的枠組み

Zaki, Jun

23pp.89 - 94 , 2015-12-28 , 徳島大学大学院ソシオ・アーツ・アンド・サイエンス研究部
Throughout the history, journalism in general and international journalism in particular came to be one of the most serious concerns. Since the advent of the Internet widely spreading throughout the world journalism has gained more interests among young people as well as in other generations.This paper is an attempt to capture the complicated realities about journalism in its wide sense as a profession with a great influence upon all aspects of human life everywhere by giving some insight upon journalism’s history, concept, role and theories. In order to give new outlines to what we are already used to in our everyday life, different media are used in a daily current of interactive practices.Any society with true democratic performance needs to create a healthy environment of freedom for the real process of public opinion in several directions. The role of journalism here is to represent a proper environment to adopt the process of public opinion making and to help in introducing it to the people in addition to the administration of it.Here is an unassuming introduction to the definition and the history of journalism followed by a brief account of how journalism takes part in the development of public opinion built in any society. Then, there is a screening of most of the theories that cover the world of journalism and showing description of how far theories can lead journalism to real democratic practices in any free society.

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