Departmental Bulletin Paper 平成26年度徳島大学総合科学部部局長裁量経費総合科学部創生研究プロジェクト実践報告 グローバリズムとモラエス : モラエスが世界に広げた〈徳島の自然・人・心〉の再構築
A Report of the Project Studies in 2014 : Globalism and Moraes : Reevaluation of Nature, People and Heart of Tokushima in the World through W. de Moraes
ヘイセイ 26ネンド トクシマ ダイガク ソウゴウ カガクブ ブキョクチョウ サイリョウ ケイヒ ソウゴウ カガクブ ソウセイ ケンキュウ プロジェクト ジッセン ホウコク グローバリズム ト モラエス : モラエス ガ セカイ 二 ヒロゲタ トクシマ ノ シゼン ヒト ココロ ノ サイコウチク

宮崎, 隆義  ,  石川, 榮作  ,  佐藤, 征弥  ,  境, 泉洋

5pp.42 - 45 , 2015-12
This report is a record of the activities in 2014 of Moraes’s Studies Group launched on July 31, 2010. The members of Moraes’s Studies Group, Takayoshi Miyazaki (English Literature, Comparative Literature), Eisaku Ishikawa (German Literature, Comparative Literature), Masaya Satoh (Plant Physiology), Mtohiro Sakai (Clinical Psychology), all at the Institute of Socio-Arts and Sciences, Tokushima University, have been continuing analytical research on Moraes’s works and trying to open new facets of Moraes’s biographical aspects, including the activities of organizing exhibitions and lectures on Moraes.As the basic activities we organized and have been organizing regular meetings every month or every two months, having read Moraes’s O ‟Bon-odori„ em Tokushima, Ó-Yoné e Ko-Haru, and now reading Relance da Alma Japonesa.Our activities are still going on and developing with the cooperation with other local groups in Tokushima and Kobe, and also developing by visiting Leiria, Coimbra and Lisbon in Portugal in March 2015.

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