Conference Paper ASV MAINAMI for AUV monitoring and its sea trial

中谷, 武志  ,  百留, 忠洋  ,  澤, 隆雄  ,  中野, 善之  ,  渡邊, 佳孝  ,  福田, 達也  ,  松本, 宙  ,  菅, 良太郎  ,  吉田, 弘  ,  NAKATANI, Takeshi  ,  HYAKUDOME, Tadahiro  ,  SAWA, Takao  ,  NAKANO, Yoshiyuki  ,  WATANABE, Yoshitaka  ,  FUKUDA, Tatsuya  ,  MATSUMOTO, Hiroshi  ,  SUGA, Ryotaro  ,  YOSHIDA, Hiroshi

JAMSTEC has proposed an operation of multiple AUVs using an ASV (Autonomous Surface Vehicle) to improve survey efficiency. For this purpose, an ASV “MAINAMI” with a length of 6 meters has been developed since 2013. The vehicle is equipped with an acoustic communication device and a satellite one, in order to relay information between an AUV and operators on a ship or on land. In February 2016, its sea trials were carried out at Suruga-Bay. The performance of its solo navigation was verified through the sea trial. And, the ASV succeeded in tracking of a deep-tow as a simulated curing-type AUV.

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