Conference Paper Design of a Middle Scale Wave Energy Convertor of a PW-OWC type for a Sea Test in Sakata Port

木原, 一禎  ,  細川, 恭史  ,  金谷, 泰邦  ,  大澤, 弘敬  ,  下迫, 健一郎  ,  増田, 光一  ,  居駒, 知樹  ,  永田, 修一  ,  OTA, Toyohiko  ,  KIHARA, Kazuyoshi  ,  HOSOKAWA, Yasushi  ,  KANAYA, Kunihiko  ,  OSAWA, Hiroyuki  ,  SHIMOSAKO, Kenichiro  ,  MASUDA, Koichi  ,  IKOMA, Tomoki  ,  NAGATA, Shuichi  ,  OTA, Toyohiko

This study proposes a wave energy convertion (WEC) of an air turbine type with an oscillating water column (OWC) equipped with projecting walls (PW), which is called a PW-OWC type wave energy convertor in the study. OWC type WECs have been major and studied in Japan over 30 years. Because an electrical generation device is installed out of water but in air, maintenance would be easier than submerged type one and such like devices would be able to be installed on isting breakwaters and wave dissipating caissons. Thus cost of electrical generation might be saved. This study remodeled a ave dissipating double-caisson to a WEC of the PW-OWC type and conducted an ocean-wave-resistant design in order tocarry out a sea test of performances of power take-off (PTO), durability etc. Before that, basic performance of PTO was predicted from numerical model as well as well hydraulic experiments in a wave tank. This paper shows the feature of PTO of the model device using results of as the experiments conducted at the wave tank and b) the field monit0rinng of a prototype model on existing seawalls which are located in the Sakata port facing to the Sea of Japan. Observed data are presented on turbine torque and generated electricity as well as incident waves.The paper shows an intern report of the sea test.
26?28 August 2015, Glasgow, UK

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