Journal Article Enantioselective utilization of D-amino acids by deep-sea microorganisms

窪田, 高秋  ,  小林, 徹  ,  布浦, 拓郎  ,  丸山, 史人  ,  出口, 茂  ,  KUBOTA, Takaaki  ,  KOBAYASHI, Toru  ,  NUNOURA, Takuro  ,  MARUYAMA, Fumito  ,  DEGUCHI, Shigeru

7p.511 , 2016-04-19 , Frontiers Media
Microorganisms that utilize various D-amino acids (DAAs) were successfully isolated from deep-sea sediments. The isolates were phylogenetically assigned to Alphaproteobacteria, Gammmaproteobacteria, and Bacilli. Some of the isolates exhibited high enantioselective degradation activities to various DAAs. In particular, the Alphaproteobacteria Nautella sp. strain A04V exhibited robust growth in minimal medium supplemented with D-Val as a sole carbon and nitrogen source, whereas its growth was poor on minimal medium supplemented with L-Val instead of D-Val. Its growth was facilitated most when racemic mixtures of valine were used. In contrast, the Nautella strains isolated from shallow-sea grew only with L-Val. No significant differences were found among the strains in the genome sequences including genes possibly related to DAA metabolisms.

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