Conference Paper Modelling of greenhouse gases and related species in the Arctic environment

PATRA, Prabir K.  ,  佐伯, 田鶴  ,  石島, 健太郎  ,  KUNCHALA, K. Ravi  ,  田口, 彰一  ,  BELIKOV, Dmitry  ,  MAKSYUTOV, Shamil  ,  丹羽, 洋介  ,  眞木, 貴史  ,  後藤, 大輔  ,  遠嶋, 康徳  ,  石戸谷, 重之  ,  森本, 真司  ,  青木, 周司  ,  高田, 久美子  ,  PATRA, Prabir K.  ,  SAEKI, Tazu  ,  ISHIJIMA, Kentaro  ,  KUNCHARA, K. Ravi  ,  TAGUCHI, Shoichi  ,  BELIKOV, Dmitry  ,  MAKSYUTOV, Shamil  ,  NIWA, Yosuke  ,  MAKI, Takashi  ,  GOTO, Daisuke  ,  TOHJIMA, Yasunori  ,  ISHIDOYA, Shigeyuki  ,  MORIMOTO, Shinji  ,  AOKI, Shuji  ,  TAKATA, Kumiko

Numerical modelling of greenhouse gases (GHGs) has become an integral part for understanding amplitude and variability in their concentrations and sources/sinks, atmospheric transport and climate implication. Carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) are the three major species studied in the Arctic Green Network of Excellence (GRENE), a programme funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan (MEXT). In addition some of the ozone depleting substances, e.g., methyl chloroform (CH3CCl3), have provided strong constrain on the global mean abundance of hydroxyl (OH) radical and its relative abundance in the northern and southern hemispheres (NH/SH OH ratio; Patra et al., 2014). Being the main destroyer of many of the GHGs (e.g., CH4, hydrofluorocarbons), accurate quantification of OH was needed for estimation of CH4 sink in the troposphere, and thus the sources on the Earth’s surface by inverse modelling (Patra et al., 2016). OH is also contributes to chemical production of CO2, up to ~50% of land/ocean sink. The modellers are also required to verify the accuracy of model transport using tracers of short (e.g., 222Rn with 3.8 days) and long (SF6 with 3200 yrs) lifetimes. For understanding of the carbon cycle science, analyses of oxygen (O2/N2) variability are also conducted. List of chemistry-transport models (CTMs) participating in the Arctic GRENE programme are given Table 1.
O08-05, Final Symposium on GRENE-Arctic Climate Change Research Project = GRENE北極気候変動研究事業研究成果報告会 (3-4 March, 2016, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, Tachikawa, Japan)

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