Presentation Estimating half-saturation constants of microzooplankton grazing in the sea

CHEN, Bingzhang  ,  LAWS, Edward

This study is a preliminary step to estimate microzooplankton grazing half-saturation constants (K) from dilution experiments in which nonlinear feeding kinetics occurred. In 528 dilution experiments, 96 experiments show significantly concave curves and only 22 experiments show convex curves. The average Chl a concentrations in the experiments which show concave curves were significantly higher than those showing linear and convex curves. The estimated values of K vary three orders of magnitude and are are log-log linearly related with ambient Chl a concentrations.
Poster presented at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016, the Oceanography Society, ASLO, AGU, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Feb. 21-26, 2016

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