Journal Article At-sea experiment of adaptive time-reversal multiuser communication in the deep ocean

志村, 拓也  ,  樹田, 行弘  ,  出口, 充康  ,  渡邊, 佳孝  ,  越智, 寛  ,  SHIMURA, Takuya  ,  KIDA, Yukihiro  ,  DEGUCHI, Mitsuyasu  ,  WATANABE, Yoshitaka  ,  OCHI, Hiroshi

54 ( 7S1 )  , p.07HG02 , 2015-06-15 , IOP Publishing
An at-sea experiment of multiuser communication in deep water using adaptive time reversal was carried out. In the experiment, two sources and a 20-channel receiver array were deployed at the range of 30 km in an area of 1500-2000 m water depth. One of the sources was moored and the other was suspended at various depths. For processing signals actually transmitted from two sources, it was demonstrated that adaptive time reversal could cancel multiuser interference independently of relative source positions. Additionally, for a more detailed investigation, the analysis of multiuser test signals by synthesizing signals from different depths was performed. As a result, especially in the case of adjacent sources, adaptive time reversal significantly suppressed crosstalk.

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