Conference Paper Analysis of long-distance propagation characteristic by an air gun source

土屋, 利雄  ,  布田, 浩二  ,  後藤, 慎平  ,  山本, 富士夫  ,  清水, 悦郎  ,  TSUCHIYA, Toshio  ,  FUTA, Koji  ,  GOTO, Shinpei  ,  YAMAMOTO, Fujio  ,  SHIMUZU, Etsuro

MCS(Multi Channel Seismic Survey) is used for purpose of an investigation in a focal region and submarine resource-searching all over the world in recent years. Special vessel for MSC is often also built all over the world. But an environmental protection group shows the suspicion by which a high-power air gun source of MCS has an influence upon ecology of a marine mammal. Therefore the user of MCS is requesting always to watch a marine mammal. So JAMSTEC made a guideline to protect a marine mammal independently. When finding a marine mammal in a watch area, this guideline has decided that an air gun is stopped. But this guideline followed the example of foreign countries. An American researcher was planning a crustal structure investigation in the Hawaii Islands neighborhood jointly with JAMSTEC in 2014. But the opposite of an environmental protection group made them cancel a plan. To check influence to a marine mammal by this research, PE method suitable for long-distance propagation analysis was used. The distribution of the acoustic propagation attenuation and a receiving pulse from the offing in the Hawaii Islands to the Alaska offing were calculated by PE method. The air gun source used for a simulation is loaded into a new research vessel of JAMSTEC "KAIYO". The transmission level is 230dB (re 1μPa/1m), center frequency is 50 Hz band width is about 100 Hz, depth is about 5m.
1J4-1, The 36th Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics (5-7 November 2015, Tsukuba International Congress Center, / 第36回超音波エレクトロニクスの基礎と応用に関するシンポジウム

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