Conference Paper Development of an autonomous surface vehicle for monitoring underwater vehicles

中谷, 武志  ,  百留, 忠洋  ,  澤, 隆雄  ,  中野, 善之  ,  渡邊, 佳孝  ,  福田, 達也  ,  松本, 宙  ,  菅, 良太郎  ,  吉田, 弘  ,  NAKATANI, Takeshi  ,  HYAKUDOME, TADAHIRO  ,  SAWA, TAKAO  ,  NAKANO, YOSHIYUKI  ,  WATANABE, YOSHITAKA  ,  FUKUDA, TATSUYA  ,  MATSUMOTO, HIROSHI  ,  SUGA, RYOTARO  ,  YOSHIDA, HIROSHI

2015-10-22 , IEEE
JAMSTEC has developed and operated several AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) as platform for scientific investigation and explorations of seabed mineral resources. Conventionally, a support vessel monitors only one AUV during its whole dive for safety and positioning. We propose an operation of multiple AUVs using an ASV (Autonomous Surface Vehicle) to improve survey efficiency. For this purpose, JAMSTEC has been developing an ASV “MAINAMI” with a length of 6 meters since 2013. It has a diesel engine, two thrusters and a rudder. The vehicle is equipped with an acoustic communication device and a satellite one, in order to relay information between an AUV and operators on a ship or on land.
Date of Conference: 19-22 October 2015

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