Conference Paper シャトル型水中ビークルの実海域試験データを使用した運動シミュレーション

中村, 昌彦  ,  浅川, 賢一  ,  百留, 忠洋  ,  石原, 靖久  ,  NAKAMURA, Masahiko  ,  ASAKAWA, Kenichi  ,  HYAKUDOME, Tadahiro  ,  ISHIHARA, Yasuhisa

25pp.12 - 19 , 2015-08-06 , 日本海洋工学会 / 日本船舶海洋工学会
In recent years, predictions of changes in the environment on earth and studies on ecodevelopment have both become important. Such research requires ongoing ocean data in time and space, and this has been obtained using mooring systems. However, a conventional mooring system can observe only discrete data in perpendicular space, and moreover, construction of such a system requires manpower and great expense. To solve this problem, we propose a virtual mooring system using an underwater glider, and we are now developing a prototype of underwater shuttle glider. The vehicle glides up and down between the sea surface and the seabed collecting ocean data. In this paper simulated results of the gliding are compared with the field experimental results, and the accuracy of the motion simulator is discussed.
第25回海洋工学シンポジウム「めざせ!!真の海洋技術立国」(平成27年8月6日~7日, 日本大学理工学部駿河台キャンパス), OES25-006

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