Departmental Bulletin Paper Singing Accuracy of Hearing Persons Using a Tactile Voice Pitch Feedback System

Sakajiri, Masatsugu  ,  Miyoshi, Shigeki  ,  Onishi, Junji  ,  Ono, Tsukasa  ,  Ifukube, Tohru

14pp.13 - 16 , 2016-03 , The Committee for Promotion of Academic and Social Contribution National University Corporation Tsukuba University of Technology
Those who are deafblind and hearing impaired cannot perceive their own voice pitch, and thus have difficulty controlling it. In particular, while singing, it is very difficult for them to control their voice pitch because they need to maintain a stable tone. Hence, we developed a tactile voice pitch control system using a two-dimensional tactile display to assist such people with singing. In a previous study, two deafblind participants used the proposed system to control their voice pitch with accuracy that was comparable to that of children who can hear. While auditory and proprioceptive feedback are significant cues for controlling pitch, tactile and proprioceptive feedback were used to control voice pitch. In the present study, we investigate the proprioceptive pitch control and effect of the proposed voice pitch control system on normal-hearing people under conditions of added noise. We describe the outline of these results.

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