Departmental Bulletin Paper グループワークにおける参加していないことの構築 : フランス語初級クラスの相互行為分析から
グループ ワーク ニオケル サンカ シテ イナイ コト ノ コウチク フランスゴ ショキュウ クラス ノ ソウゴ コウイ ブンセキ カラ
Construction of "Non-Participation" in Group Work : Interaction Analysis in a French Beginner Class

大山, 大樹

14 ( 2 )  , pp.1 - 11 , 2017-04 , 大阪市立大学大学教育センター
The main purpose of this paper was to explore what "non-participation" is in group work and to propose ways teachers could deal with it, based on detailed observation of students' interactions.In recent years, there has been a great deal of debate about active learning in the classroom, and group work has become a more popular choice as a way to make students learn autonomously and collaboratively. According to some of the latest research based on detailed observation of students’ interactions in group work, students interact verbally and nonverbally. If so, what is "non-participation" in group work? Judging from our experience, it is certain that sometimes non-participation exists in group work. The subject of analysis is one of the groups in a French beginner class at a Japanese university. The theoretical background of this class is collaborative learning based on constructionism and interactionism. The group consists of 4 students who are studying French as a foreign language. The research was based on de ailed observation of interactions among the students, which were recorded on video and analyzed through interaction analysis. In this group, we observed the situation in which a student asked a question to the other members about what they were discussing at that moment. This case was examined with the transcripts consisting of their utterances, eye motions, and behaviors. The analysis revealed that non-participation is one of the situations constructed collaboratively and does not always impede progress in group work. The result indicates that teachers need to carefully determine who does not participate and that asking a question to students is a realistic way to do so.

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