Departmental Bulletin Paper 技術分野「3年間題材指導計画と資質・能力系統表」及び「第1学年ガイダンスの学習指導案」作成の構成原理
A constructional rationale of developing systematic tables of the learning units plans through 7th-9th grades related to be nurtured student’s competency-based curricula and lesson plans for the guidance of 7th grade students in the technology subject field

大森, 康正  ,  東原, 貴志  ,  黎, 子椰  ,  市村, 尚史  ,  水野, 頌之助  ,  山崎, 貞登  ,  Yasumasa, Oomori  ,  Takashi, Higashihara  ,  Ziye, Li  ,  Takashi, Ichimura  ,  Shonosuke, MIZUNO  ,  Sadato, Yamazaki


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