Departmental Bulletin Paper 長門市棚田ブランディングと地域資源を活かすファッションの共創 : アグリアート・フェスティバル2017とSGFWS2017を事例として

水谷, 由美子  ,  甲斐, 少夜子  ,  原田, 章子  ,  荒木, 麻耶  ,  髙橋, 潤一郎  ,  松浦, 奈津子  ,  DOZAN11  ,  三木, 学

11pp.31 - 63 , 2018-02-28 , 山口県立大学
This paper, uses the Agri-Art Festival 2017 and SGFWS2017 as a concrete case to show the effects of the “co-creation of branding of the rice terraces of Nagato City and the fashion-activated regional resources” Yuya, Nagato City is famous for its rice terraces in Higasi-Ushirobata. There are used to be rice terraces all over the hills, but today the rice terraces are cultivated in an extremely limited area because of the declining birthrate and increase in elderly people, and the progress of depopulation in the area. In order to revitalize the local community, we have held a fashion show every year in Yuya, Nakgato City since 2013 to aim for the promotion of agriculture. In this paper, we verify the concepts and the contents created by the practitioner regarding Agri Art Festival 2017 ~The Force of Water~ and Super Global Fashion Workshop (SGFWS2017). In particulary, we have been developing products of the label “mompekko” as workwear that can be worn everyday since 2014 based on mompe, which are pants for farming. We emphasis mompekko development again to verify the significance concretely by mentioning the viewpoints and contents of the development which included the rural fashion shows through to the present project, in order to to confirm the total process. In addition, we aim to extract issues for the future comparison of mompekko products which have been developed every year since 2014.

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