Departmental Bulletin Paper 「自己調整学習(SRL)」活動を取り入れた海外フィールドワークの実践と評価

林, 炫情  ,  森原, 彩

11pp.1 - 10 , 2018-02-28 , 山口県立大学
In our rapidly changing society, it is crucial that the education system adapts flexibly and appropriately to changing social needs. Higher education must educate students to acquire the competencies that they will require in the workplace. In order to help students to acquire those competencies, it is essential for students to have autonomy and “Self-Regulated Learning (SRL)” skills: monitoring themselves to identify problems or to recognize their situations so that students can reflect and assess themselves objectively after they graduate. This paper reports on an educational overseas training program conducted in Korea for nine days in 2015 to cultivate students’ autonomous learning attitudes by using SRL activities. During the on-site training in Korea, students completed a reflection activity with self-evaluations as a SRL activity. This paper analyzes participants’ self-evaluations to investigate the effectiveness of the program. It also discusses how SRL activities can activate participants’ meta-cognitive skills and influence their self-autonomy learning attitudes as well as learning attitudes.

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