Departmental Bulletin Paper 次世代の大学図書館を目指して : 山口県立大学大学図書館の取り組みについて

岩野, 雅子  ,  松田, 和也

11pp.101 - 109 , 2018-02-28 , 山口県立大学
The form of University library has been undertaking a process of great change. The Ministry of Education and Sciences in Japan, together with the Central Education Council, announced a series of reports, renewing older images, purposes and functions of University library in Japan. In order to educate active future learners, University libraries needed to be also active learning spaces, benefitted by recent development of information technologies. The report entitled as ‘A Provision for University Library―An image of University library required for Higher Education Institutions in fast changing societies’ in 2010 was a landmark to break a wall. The old-fashioned image of University library as a quiet academic space,changed to that for much active learners’ common space. University library has now become a media and information center for academic purposes. University staff who serve to such spaces needed to change also in terms of their roles and specialization. A new University library will be added to the north campus of this university in a few years’ time, and hence, a new generation of University library has been discussed. Especially, expansion of electric books and journals, a form of electric library, design of learning commons and active learning centers, the development of university librarians and staff-tudents’ co-activities to improve the use of University library. This paper aimed to summarize current attempts and efforts made in this University library, together with discussions witnessed in several committee meetings and training programs. It is hoped that this paper will help to think about a future development of this University library for up-coming young students.

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