Departmental Bulletin Paper 自助・自己責任の時代における新たな支援のあり方を考える : 福祉的課題を抱えた人の「支援を求める力・受ける力」の可能性に着目する

横山, 順一  ,  髙木, 健志

11pp.87 - 92 , 2018‐02‐28 , 山口県立大学
Including serious social problems such as child abuse and poverty, the isolated death, a problem of a variety of welfare occurs in the everyday life such as the care of child care support and an elderly person, the person with a disability. An object and the service to need support today when complexity of the Great Society, diversification, globalization advance add to quantitative expansion and qualitative complexity. A menu of the support of various welfare has been maintained for the solution to such problem in our country, but a hand of the support is not held out to people concerned having needs truly only by merely service and systems increasing. Therefore it is the existence of people concerned whom "I do not demand support" from others while what I paid attention to has a problem of a variety of welfare or "support is not demanded" from. In addition, I review a viewpoint to examine the way of the support after having taken the characteristic of the person concerned into account including a viewpoint whether the person concerned has the necessary power that only accepts given support, and it is demanded that I pile up a study. In this report, I paid my attention to possibility of "the power of help-seeking & the powerto receive for the support" of the person concerned with a problem of the welfareand considered the way ofthe new support in the times of self-act, the self-responsibility for the purpose of elaborating a plan.

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