Departmental Bulletin Paper 山口県産当帰入浴剤の生体に及ぼす効果 : 足浴によるリラックス効果及び血行促進効果の視点から

三谷, 明美  ,  田中, 和子  ,  浦山, 晶美  ,  太田, 友子  ,  張替, 直美

11pp.19 - 28 , 2018-02-28 , 山口県立大学
現在、「元気創出やまぐち!未開拓チャレンジプラン」において、薬用作物の導入が位置づけられ山口県産当帰が生産されている。そこで本研究において、山口県産当帰の茎による入浴剤を用いて足浴を行い、リラックス効果および血行促進効果を検証した。対象は、健康な女性11 名である。リラックス効果としての比較検討項目は、心理学的指標として心理尺度(Profile of Mood states;POMS)および独自に作成した気分に関する尺度の2 種である。身体的側面においては、ーモグラフィを用いて下腿表面及び足背表面温度の変化及び電子体温計を用いて腋窩温を測定した。結果として、リラックス効果については、当帰入浴剤とさら湯の比較において、POMSは特徴的な傾向は認められず、足浴そのもののリラックス効果が検証できた。一方で、独自に作成した主観尺度においては、当帰の方が肯定的な気分であることが示唆された。身体的指標としては、深部体温の変化率が足浴終了直後から上昇することから、当帰の茎の成分であるフタライド類等が下腿の皮膚表面からの吸収により急性効果が期待できる。また、サーモグラフィによる下肢および足背の表面温度の変化率においては、損失する表面温度が緩やかな傾向が示唆されたことから、当帰の成分の保温効果が期待できる可能性もある。
Yamaguchi Prefecture has been conducting the project, “Active promotion of Dynamic Yamaguchi! Challenge Plan to Pioneer Unexplored Fields,” which encourages the introduction of herbal plant strategy. An herbal medicine, Tohki, angelica acutiloba, which is endemic or indigenous to Yamaguchi Prefecture, has been produced under this project. The aim of this study is to examine the effects of Tohki to be used as a medical foot bath additive. Subjects were eleven healthy females. Materials were caulines of Tohki as foot-bathing medicine to examine relaxation effects and blood-circulation-romoting effects. Items of comparison were examinations of relaxation effects, which were measured by Profile of Mood states (POMS) as a psychological index, and two more scales for assessment of mood, which were established in our own manner. As physiological indexes, the skin surface temperature of the crus and dorsum of the feet were measured by a thermograph, and axillary temperature was measured by an electronic thermometer.As results of POMS analysis, there was no significant difference recognized in the relaxation effects between water containing Tohki bath additives and plain water, although data of foot baths displayed a relaxing effect. Contrarily, the data analysis of scales for subjective indexes, which were independently established, indicated that the research participants had positive feelings when having a foot bath containing the Tohki extract. Data of the physiological index showed the change rate in deep body temperature elevated immediately after the completing the foot bath. It was expected that phthalides, which are a component of Tohki caulis, would have acute effects of being absorbed from the skin surface of crus. Furthermore, the data of the thermograph showed that the change rate in skin surface temperature on the crus and dorsum of the feet, which lowered after the foot bath, tended to be mild and gradual, which indicated that the temperature loss was slow. Therefore, it was expected that the Tohki component would have temperature-keeping effects.

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