Departmental Bulletin Paper 配偶子提供の意思決定に関連する心理要因についての検討 : 大学生を対象として

佐々木, 直美

11pp.11 - 17 , 2018-02-28 , 山口県立大学
In the present study, it was surveyed of psychological factors related to the decision making whether to receive the Sperm-Egg donation, using data from university students. From this research,it is thought that the mind of people who think about receiving the Sperm-Egg donation can be understood, and that it is useful for the counseling with them.The content analyses of free descriptions were done in the present study. As a result, when the decision to receive the Sperm-Egg donation was done, the following factors were clarified, “the identification of the femininity that grow hurt her own womb”,“the aspiration of wanting their own child by all means”,“the challenge of pregnancy and birth to few remaining possibility”, and “for benefits and the protection related to their own”.Moreover, when the survey participants decided to receive the Sperm-Egg donation, the following features were revealed.That is, they felt that the consent and the agreement concerning the Sperm-Egg donation by married couple and married couple's parents were necessary, they felt that there was“ a resolution of as a parent contact firmly with” and“ a confidence to love and to rise” their children, they felt that there was no concern about the ties of blood, and they felt there were no choices such as“ getting the adoptive” and“ devoting to other things”.From present study, the participants who had done the decision to receive the Sperm-Egg donation found that might not concerned so much with respect to receive the Sperm-Egg donation, during pregnancy or trying to get pregnancy.However, it is thought that parents might come to worry about the problem of Telling (Tell the Truth) and parent-child relationships after the child birth and the child's growing up.Therefore, it is important to consider the possibility that the consulting and counseling support is needed over a long duration in the future.

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