Departmental Bulletin Paper 中山間農山村地域における福祉的課題とソーシャルワークとの関連に関する考察 : 「農村ソーシャルワーク」という可能性

髙木, 健志

11pp.135 - 143 , 2018-02-28 , 山口県立大学
This study focuses on farming and mountain villages which are not lessed in terms of geographic location, and in which the population is aging and declining. Firstly, this study is a survey of existing research into farming and mountain villages, and confirms that, in the field of sociology, there are already studies showing the present conditions in such villages. However, studies in the field of social welfare relating to farming and mountain villages have mostly focused on historical aspects. Moreover, recent social work studies have focused on the lifestyle issues faced by elderly people in mountain village areas. As a result, this study highlights the potential for social welfare studies focusing on practical social work for supporting the daily life of people in farming and mountain villages. A topic for further consideration is to clarify the necessity for this kind of research in farming and mountain villages.

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