Departmental Bulletin Paper 障害者相談支援事業に関わる一考察 : 相談支援専門員へのインタビュー調査から

横山, 順一

11pp.13 - 25 , 2018-02-28 , 山口県立大学
In this report, interviewed a member of consultation support specialist to work in a consultation support establishment and investigated it and clarified present one end seen in a current person with a disability consultation support project two years after the full-scale start of the consultation support project and considered it what kind of problem was seen in the business in the future.As a result, about the role that the number of the charge cases and the placement number of people of the member of consultation support specialist, a manager achieved, a big difference was seen in the present conditions of the consultation support establishment, and the actual situation that those differences had a big influence on the duties of the member of consultation support specialist became clear. In addition, about the specialty of the member of consultation support specialist and the neutrality of the consultation support project, recognition and the present conditions had a difference in a member of each consultation support specialist, a consultation support establishment, and it was suggested in future that further examination was necessary.

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