Departmental Bulletin Paper 山口方言語彙を用いた国語科教材としての「おみくじ」の作成

池田, 史子

11pp.75 - 82 , 2018-02-28 , 山口県立大学
The views about dialects have changed with the times and society. There was a period of time when many people thought dialects were worthless and were to be eradicated and replaced by the standard language. However, recently, dialects have acquired the status of entertainment media that made them fun and interesting. In accordance with the recent changes in the dialect views, the positioning of dialects has been reviewed in Japanese language education. Because of this, people can separately use standard Japanese and dialects depending on the scene. As an attempt to reevaluate the importance of dialects in Japanese, we produced Omikuji as a language teaching material featuring Vocabulary of the Yamaguchi dialect.

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