Departmental Bulletin Paper 学生寮で生活する女子大学生の便秘と便秘予防行動、生活習慣との関連

河本, 乃里  ,  田中, 孝恵  ,  林, 瑞恵  ,  松元, 悦子  ,  人見, 英里  ,  吉村, 耕一  ,  横山, 正博

9pp.143 - 151 , 2016-03-31 , 山口県立大学
A questionnaire survey about constipation, preventive behavior to constipation and life habits was conducted among 72 female students, who lived in the same university dormitory and were taking the same meals on weekdays. The 38 subjects with valid responses were divided into two groups of; 1) positive for medical constipation assessment, 18 subjects 2) negative for medical constipation assessment, 20 subjects. There observed no significant difference between the two with regard to their preventive behavior to constipation and life habits. Whereas another grouping of the same subjects into positive/negative for subjective constipation assessment, 20 as positive and 18 as negative here, displayed a significant difference of those preventive behavior and life habits. This positive group showed tendency to take more action to prevent constipation, such as having yogurt and fermented milk products, compared to the negative group. These findings suggest that life habits to prevent constipation may happen when one is aware of her symptom regardless whether the one is medically assessed as constipation.

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